Wonder of Emirates!

  Emirates are united into a country of contrasts! Here the Contemporaneity meets the Past. Flights to Dubai
  Though cities and villages are equipped with modern amenities, traditions and religion still come first. No achievements of civilization and innovations of technologies can change the mood and spirit of this highly religious country.
  Only 35 years ago it was a desert with roaming from place to place Bedouins, now with its 7 star hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi this is the most interesting country to visit. The spirit of wandering is everywhere.
  In comparison with other countries, UAE has a special feature to surprise you: people and organizations are not imposed taxes! The country has a lot of sources to gain profit and seemingly decided to let its citizens live with ease.
  Economics of Dubai bases not only on oil extraction and petroleum refining, it scoops also in tourism and trade.

  You can witness the monarchic system in each of 7 Emirates.

  Arabs are very sociable people. To buy a good and at the same time cheap thing you do not need to go to special places. You can buy it anywhere you want - the only thing you will need is to bargain with the seller, to bargain as long as you only can and to that sum which seems to you reasonable. The longer this process is the more respect you obtain! But the most pleasing thing is that you will not be followed in markets and shops and persuaded to buy things you have looked at. People in this country are highly hospitable and hearty treat all guests and visitors. Service at hotels and restaurants is of the highest quality. A thought of tea or other drinks only enters your mind when you are already offered a cup of refreshing tea.

Popular Dubai Hotels

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    Fairmont Hotel and Golf Resort 5* from 148.00 $

    Hilton Dubai Creek Hotel 5* from 104.00 $ per room

    Le Meridien Dubai Hotel 5* from 130.00 $ per room

    Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Resort 5* from 195.00 $ per room

    Al Qasr from 375.00 $ per room

  Weather, temperature are the main criteria when to go to Dubai.

   If you always feel cold, even in summer, this is not important when you go to Dubai. The best period for European is from November until March.
  Winter is a real summer here. Nearly all swimming pools are cooled. To visit Dubai in summer is dangerous for health, that is why rates for summer months are less.

  Warm welcome is guaranteed here!

:: Impressions ::

       Bill:  The strongest impression about Dubai is a night in desert! Probably this impression is for the whole life! Only a person who was there can understand silence and stars. Only now I understand, why bedouins live not like we do. They live, but we are in a hurry all the time.

       Sylvia:  The wishes coincide with possibilities, such impression I have after trip to Dubai.

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  All our needs and wishes will be carefully met that will make you feel like a king of your own small Kingdom.

  Despite the fact that Emirate Dubai is known with its liberalism and religious indulgence, all travelers, arriving here should remember that United Arabian Emirates is a Moslem country. Travelers should follow certain rules of it and respect traditions.

  Here in Dubai you will be offered lots of excursions and tours as well as safari in desert! In the shocking hot weather you heart will cover with tones of ice in fear and sank in leaps and bounds thanks to highly extreme things your driver is going to demonstrate you! It is also an unforgettable impression when you face an oasis among the vast sands.

  You will not be disappointed visiting this country. Everybody can find here his own pleasure and amusements to his taste!

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